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Training on producing and use of natural fertilizers and pesticides

Keren, 14 December 2022- Training on producing and proper use of compost natural fertilizers and pesticides was provided to agricultural experts and farmers with a view to ensure the safety of land and environment and there by boost agricultural production.

At the training that was provided to 25 agricultural experts and farmers from 9 to 12 December in Keren, Mr. Gebremeskel Tewolde, acting head of Agriculture and Land, indicating on the negative consequence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, called on agricultural experts and farmers to apply the natural compost fertilizers and pesticides that are being introduced across the country.

Mr. Zenawi Okbeab, head of Seeds Health Protection unit, said that the objective of the training was to boost agricultural production through proper use of natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Indicating that in September 2021 similar training program has been organized to 20 agricultural experts, Mr. Zenawi said that solid and liquid fertilizers have been distributed to farmers that took theoretical and practical training and has gained good acceptance by farmers.

Mr. Zenawi went on to say that liquid fertilizers produced form seaweeds and fish discards has began being distributed to exemplary farmers and that will extensively continue.

The trainers on their part expressed that natural fertilizer has significant contribution in preserving and enriching the content and productivity of soil, development of seeds resistance as well as in reducing soil salt.

Ms. Kibra Gebremeskel, head of Seeds Development, explaining on the damage that chemical fertilizers inflict on biodiversity, called on farmers to frequent natural fertilizers.

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