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Eritrea participates at UN Convention on Bio-diversity Conference

Asmara, 19 December 2022- Eritrea participated at the 15th conference of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity conference that took place from 7 to 19 December in Montreal, Canada, under the theme “Ecological Civilization-Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth”.

At the conference in which representatives of 192 countries and organizations took part, Eritrea was represented by Mr. Estifanos Bein, director of Bio-Diversity at the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment, and Mr. Samuel Okbu, head of Consular Affairs of Eritrea to Canada.

At the conference the Eritrean delegation explained the significant progress Eritrea has registered in soil and water conservation, planting tree seedlings, enhancing instinctive regeneration of bio-diversity by establishing terrestrial and protected areas as well as in promoting traditional community enclosures.

The delegation further expressed Eritrea’s commitment to consolidate and to further advance its achievements in recovering degraded habitat, including threatened species of wild flora and fauna.

Eritrea has ratified a number of environmental treaties and has been a member to the Biodiversity Convention since 1996.

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