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Meeting on implementation of charted out programs

Asmara, 21 December 2-22- The Executive Board of the National Union of Eritrea Women organized activity assessment meeting of 2022 and strategic plan for 2023.

At the meeting in which heads of the union branches in the region as well as members in the Diaspora took part, report was presented focusing on the efforts conducted to encourage female students, ensure health of women and awareness raising activities, development of political awareness of women, strengthening organizational capacity, development of economic capacity of women, avoiding harmful practices as well as in recruiting young women to the union.

Indicating that the union has been working to realize its objective and vision by designing strategic plan, Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, President of the National Union of Eritrean Women, said that the union taking into consideration the objective situation and demands has achieved encouraging and measurable results.

Ms. Tekea also commended Diaspora members of the union for the participation and contribution they have been extending in the implementation of the programs of the union.

Members of the union in the Diaspora on their part expressed readiness to strengthen participation in the national affairs and transfer the noble societal values to the young generation.

The meeting also adopted various recommendations including for more effort to develop political awareness of women and their participation in the national affairs, develop professional skill as well as strengthening economic capacity of women among others.

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