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Financial contribution of Diaspora nationals

Asmara, 23 December 2022- According to reports from Eritrean Embassies, Eritrean nationals in Israel and Kuwait contributed 1 million 200 Dollars towards various activities.

Heads of national associations in Israel conducted activity assessment meeting of 2022 and charted out programs for 2023 on 17 December.

At the meeting it was reported that nationals in Israel contributed 668 thousand Dollars for national development programs, 149 thousand in support of families of martyrs, 137 thousand for community activities and 130 thousand for various projects.

The national also expressed conviction to reinforce participation and contribution for the implementation of the charted-out program for 2023.

In the same vein, Ms. Aster Tesfay, a resident of Kuwait, congratulating the Eritrean people and its Defense Forces in connection with the New Year 2023 contributed 100 thousand Dollars.

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