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Commendable bee farming activity in Southern Region

Mendefera, 27 December 2022- In the past years of Independence, commendable bee farming activity has been registered in the Southern Region.

Mr. Habte Tekeste, head of poultry and bee farming development in the region, indicated that before independence the number of bee farmers in the region that was limited and functioning with traditional way has currently, with strong intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture, has reached to 7 thousand 677 including 708 females.

Mr. Habte further noted that training program has been organized to a number of bee farmers and 18 thousand 205 modern bee hives with accessories have been distributed to farmers and that they are producing yearly 245 tones of honey.

Indicating that in the past year due to imbalance of demand and supply the price of one kilo honey has been 500 Nakfa, Mr. Habte said that currently the price has been reduced by over 50%.

Mr. Habte also called on the bee farmers to strengthen organization and follow the advice being provided by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture with a view to boost their production.

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