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Activity assessment meeting of PFDJ

Massawa, 02 January 2023- The office of the PFDJ branch in the Northern Red Sea Region conducted activity assessment meeting of 2022 and charted out programs for 2023 on 30 December.

At the meeting in which administrators, heads of organizations and civil servants took part, reports were presented focusing on social, economic, and organization as well as national development programs.

Mr. Ahmed Jaefer, head of Political Affairs, and Mr. Ahmed Abdulkadir, head of Organizational Affairs, indicated that commendable activities have been conducted regarding strengthening organizational capacity, contribution towards augmenting the National Trust Fund, supporting families of martyrs as well as trainings on social science.

Indicating that the praiseworthy activities conducted will have significant input in the implementation of programs for 2023, Mr. Rezene Adonai, secretary of the PFDJ in the region, said that organizing training programs for members and ensure their participation in the national development drives are among the main activities for 2023.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the reports presented and adopted various recommendations including for strengthening contribution towards boosting the National Trust Fund and community based popular campaigns.

Pointing out that the activities implemented in 2022 have been encouraging in terms of the existed situation and challenges, Ms. Asmeret Abraha, Governor of the region, called for reinforce participation in the implementation of programs for 2023.

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