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Commendable effort to expand social service provision institution

Keren, 03 January 2023- The effort to expand social service provision institutions in general and that of educational, health, transportation and communications services in particular in Anseba Region is significantly contributing in the improvement of livelihoods of nationals.

Col. Tesfatsion Ghirmay, Director General of Social Services in the region, said that strong effort has been exerted in cooperation with partners and stakeholders to expand educational and health facilities up to the remote areas of the region and as a result a number of administrative areas have become beneficiaries.

Regarding transportation service, Col. Tesfatsion said that residents of the sub-zones of Hamelmalo, Habero and Asmat have become beneficiaries of Harat Company’s transportation service and preliminary study has been finalized to enable the residents of the sub-zones of Elaberet and Hagaz to enable them become beneficiaries.

Col. Tesfatsion also noted that encouraging activities have been conducted to expand electricity and telephone services.

Col. Tesfatsion also called on the public to make judicious use of the social service provision institutions for their sustainability.

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