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Annual activity assessment meeting of NAEWDV

Asmara, 04 January 2023- The Central Committee of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans conducted annual activity assessment meeting on 3 January.

Speaking at the event in which heads of regional branches took part, Mr. Fesehaye Tesfamicael, deputy chairman and head of Administration and Finance of the association, said that strong effort has been exerted to improve the livelihoods of members and called on partners to reinforce their contribution for better outcome.

At the meeting report was presented focusing on the implementation of programs in terms of strengths and challenges encountered, programs with a view to develop economic capacity of members and role of partners, as well as income generation schemes with a view to enable veterans become self supportive and productive members of society.

Briefings were also provided regarding training programs organized to develop overall capacity of members as well the situation of members that have been rehabilitated with various income generation schemes.

The report further noted that, in 2022 the association has disbursed over 5 million loans to 234 members and that compared to that of 2021 has registered 150% increase.

The Central Committee also indicated that developing contribution of partners, encouraging disabled veterans join the association, designing income generation projects, developing economic capacity of the association as well developing organizational capacity are among the main programs for 2023.

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