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Call for conservation of natural resources

Asmara, 05 January 2023- The Forestry and Wildlife Authority called for proper follow-up on the tree seedlings that were planted in 2022 for their sustainability.

The call was made at an activity assessment meeting organized on 4 January.

At the meeting in which representatives of the authority from all the regions took part, a report was presented focusing on efforts carried out to redress the environment, endeavor to control deforestation and legal measures against people that were found illegally cutting trees, preparation of tree seedlings and their progress as well as effort carried out to ensure the sustainability of wildlife.

According to the report presented, in 2022 over 5.7 million tree seedlings have been prepared from 30 nurseries, and 4.8 million have been planted.

Regarding ensuring the sustainability of wildlife, extensive briefing was provided on the situation of the reserved land that were established with a priority to ensure the sustainability of wildlife as well as on the training programs organized with a view to develop overall capacity of members.

Explaining the significance of conserving and developing forest resources in enriching the soil and redressing the environment, Col. Kinfe Habtom, manager of the authority, called for a reinforced greening campaign for a better outcome.

Col. Kinfe also called for strengthened participation of the public and concerned institutions in the effort to control deforestation activities with a view to ensure the sustainability of wildlife.

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