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Activity assessment meeting of NARC

Asmara, 12 January 2023- The National Agricultural Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture held its annual activity assessment meeting on 10 January.

At the meeting, the report was presented focusing on the conservation and reconstruction of genetic resources, research on water, soil, and fertilizers as well as forestry resource, improvement of strategic crops, biotechnology, improvement of livestock genes, as well as agricultural engineering and achievement so far registered.

Mr. Tsegay Berhane, head of the center, said that the preservation of indigenous livestock breeds, development of disease-resistant crops, vegetables, and fruits through tissue culture, as well as supply of improved crops seeds, were among the programs that were provided due attention in 2022.

Mr. Tsegay further noted that the improved crops seeds that have been distributed to farmers have registered encouraging results, research and processing are being conducted on alternative animal fodder and imitative is being taken to identify select chickens for cross-breeding.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on the report presented and adopted various recommendations including on price increase on fodder technology as well as for reinforced research on improved vegetables and fruits seeds.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, indicated that the National Agricultural Research Center is conducting encouraging research activities, and said that since research requires utmost capacity, due attention will be provided to the development of the human resources of the center.

Minister Arefaine also called for providing due attention to the conservation and reconstruction of genetic resources, compost natural fertilizers, development, and introduction of improved sweet potatoes as well as the introduction of the modern way of farming.

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