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Training on administration and leadership

Keren, 13 January 2023 – the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers branch in Anseba Region organized training on administration and leadership for 76 youth workers in the region.

The two weeks of training included time management, development of teamwork, communication, reporting a well as documentation.

At the concluding event of the training on 12 January, Mr. Atewebrhan Gebrat, head of the branch office, indicated that human resources development is one of the main objectives of the branch office and is earnestly working to that effect.

Mr. Atwebrhan also called on the trainees to apply the training they received in providing efficient and timely administrative service to the public.

Pointing out the significance of organizing training with a view to developing the overall capacity of the youth, Ambassador Abdella Musa, Governor of the region, called for organizing similar training programs in all the sub-zones of the region.

The trainees on their part said that the training will have significant contribution in facilitating their daily activities.

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