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Water and soil conservation activity in Central Region

Asmara, 14 January 2023- The Agriculture and Land Department at the Central Region reported that reinforced effort will be carried out in water and soil conservation activities with strong participation of the public, administrations, Ministries as well as members of the Defense Forces and national associations.

According to Eng. Mesfun Berhane, representative of the department, in 2022 praiseworthy construction and renovation of terraces, water diversion schemes and micro-dams as well as forestation activities have been carried out at the sub-zones of Serejeka, Berik and Gala-Nefhi.

Eng. Mesfun went on to say that 1 thousand 666 hectares of terraces have been constructed and 6 thousand 644 hectares of terraces have been renovated.

Eng. Mesfun further noted that in Mai-Diminet area 440 hectares of terraces have been constructed, 218 hectares of terraces have been renovated, 4 thousand 203 meter cube of water diversion schemes have been constructed and over 345 thousand tree seedlings have been planted.

Eng. Mesfun also said that construction and renovation of terraces and water diversion schemes, construction of dams in Adi-Qe and Adi-Hawush, feasibility study for construction of a dam in Adi-Taereshi as well as research on irrigation farming through solar energy system in three villages are among activities for 2023.

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