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Call for reinforced participation in teaching-learning process

Keren, 18 January 2023- Ambassador Abdellas Musa, Governor of Anseba Region, called for reinforced participation and contribution of the community in the development of teaching-learning process.

At the occasion organized on 16 January to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Fireselam School in Mihlab, Ambassador Musa said that strengthening participation in the development of teaching-learning process attests to the growing awareness of the public on the importance of education.

Mr. Kiflai Andemicael, head of the Ministry of Education branch in the region, on his part congratulating for the semi-centennial anniversary of the school called for reinforced effort for better outcome.

Fireselam School that was established in 1972 has been promoted to junior school in 2001/2002 academic year and to High school in 2022/2023 academic year and is providing educational service to 1 thousand 382 students.

At the occasion exhibition depicting the history and journey of the school was staged and the former students and teachers of the school presented their memory during their stay in the school.

Mihlab, Geleb sub-zone, is located about 48 km east of Keren city.

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