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Praiseworthy health service provision

Barentu, 20 January 2023- At a meeting organized on 17 and 18 January in Barentu, it was reported that as a result of substantial investment made on both in equipment and man power the medical facilities in the Gash Barka region are providing praiseworthy health service to the public.

At the meeting, report was presented focusing on the activities implemented regarding control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, capacity improvement of health facilities and community based environmental sanitation activities as well as introduction of new equipment to health facilities.

Dr. Hayelom Kidane, head of the Ministry of Health branch in Gash Barka region, said that in 2022 delivery at health facilities has increased from 49.5 to 53.7%, vaccination coverage has reached 100% and cervical cancer vaccination to 94.2%.

Indicating that the achievement registered in the health sector was the result of the commendable participation of the public and health professionals, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui, Governor of the region, said that due attention will be given to address shortcomings of health facilities and to conduct sustainable environmental sanitation activities.

Speaking at the occasion, Ms. Amina Nurhussein, Minister of Health, commended the strong participation of the public, administrations and other Government institutions in the effort by the Ministry of Health to expand and to improve health service provision.

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