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Regular meeting of Southern Region Assembly

Mendefera, 23 January 2023- The Southern Region Assembly held its 21st regular meeting on 21 January in Mendefera.

Mr. Woldai Gebre

At the meeting in which executive bodies of Government institutions and PFDJ took part, Mr. Woldai Gebre, Chairman of the regional Assembly, said that strengthening national security and defense are the basis for the implementation of national development programs and safeguarding national sovereignty and called on members of the Assembly to play due role.

The meeting in its deliberation called for addressing transportation shortage, exert more effort for the expansion of health and educational facilities, strengthening effort for developing income of cities and towns in the region and for establishing city councils.

The meeting further called on administrations at all levels to carry out strong forestry and environmental protection, introduction of smokeless ovens, as well as for enhanced community based water and soil conservation activities.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the region, called on members of the Assembly to play due part in the effort to ensure the implementation of Government regulations and guidelines, as well as in collecting Government tax.

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