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Contribution of Maternity waiting facilities in NRS

Massawa, 02 February 2023- The Ministry of Health branch in the Northern Red Sea Region reported that putting in place of Maternity waiting homes at health facilities in the region is being effective in the reduction of mother and infant death rates.

At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 1 February in the port city of Massawa, it was reported that the number of Maternity waiting homes was 12 in 2021 and it has increased subsequently to 17 in 2022. The number of pregnant women delivering at health facilities has also increased from 56% to 65%.

Dr. Henok Tekie, head of the branch office, said that modern medical equipment worth 8.4 million Nakfa has been put in place, eye surgery has been carried out on 700 patients and commendable achievement has been registered in controlling HIV/AIDS and TB infections.

At the meeting, heads of medical facilities in the sub-zones presented activity reports in terms of achievements registered and challenges encountered.

Commending the integrated effort carried out by all institutions in the praiseworthy health service provision, Ms. Amina Nurhussein, Minister of Health, called for reinforced efforts for a better outcome.

Ms. Asmeret Abraha, Governor of the region, on her part explaining the substantial investment made in the health sector, called for due attention to putting in place Maternity waiting homes for pregnant women in all health facilities in the region.

In the Northern Red Sea Region, there are 58 health facilities ranging from health stations to regional referral hospital providing health services to the public.

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