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Commemoration of Fenkil Operation

Massawa, 03 February 2023 – Ms. Zeineb Omar, Chairperson of the Holidays Coordinating Committee in the Northern Red Sea Region, indicated that the 33rd anniversary of Fenkil Operation will be commemorated from 10 to 12 February under the theme “Fenkil-Resolute Commitment”.

Ms. Zeineb further noted that the commemoration event will be highlighted by children’s carnival, children’s village, exhibition, general knowledge and sports competitions as well as community gatherings and others.

Ms. Zeineb also said that the event will also feature a tour to historical sites and seminars as well as a half-marathon competition in which athletes from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will take part.

Indicating that the 33rd anniversary of Operation Fenkil is being commemorated at an important period in the history of the country, Ms. Zeineb called on all concerned institutions and visitors to strengthen participation in the commemoration event.

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