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Activity assessment meeting of Swiss branch of NUEW

Asmara, 05 February 2023- The Swiss branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women conducted an activity assessment meeting on 28 January in the city of Argaw under the theme “Our Enlightened Values: Guarantors of Our Emancipation”.

The meeting in which representatives of the union branch from all over the country took part conducted extensive discussions on the internal regulations of the union branch as well as on the charted-out development programs for 2023.

At the meeting, Ms. Terhas Tewolde, chairperson of the union branch, presented the concise report of the meetings of the general assembly and executive committee of the union and said that strong effort will be exerted to finalize the projects that have been initiated by the union branch.

The meeting also conducted extensive discussion on the internal regulations and objectives of the union branch, rights of members, rights of supporting members, disciplinary measures as well as congress and responsibility of the congress.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Emanuel Zekarias, representative of the Eritrean Embassy in Switzerland, expressed the readiness of the Embassy to stand alongside the union branch in all its endeavors.

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