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Meeting on strengthening organizational capacity

Asmara, 07 February 2023- Nationals in Scandinavian countries conducted meetings focusing on strengthening unity and organizational capacity.

At the meetings carried out in the Swedish cities of Gothenburg, Umea, Orebro, Lund, Sundsvall and Malmo and in the Norwegian cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, Mr. Isaias Gebray, head of Administration and Consular Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Scandinavian countries, gave briefing on the public activities in the Diaspora as well as rights and responsibilities of nationals.

Mr. Isaias also gave detailed briefing on the significance of strengthening organizational capacity, services being provided to nationals, basic laws of Eritrea, nurturing youth that adhere to the noble societal values as well as challenges that Diaspora nationals are facing.

Explaining on the significance of the meetings in developing their understanding on the objective situation in their homeland, the participants called for its sustainability.

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