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Fenkil Operation commemoration in France

Asmara, 17 February 2023 – Nationals in France commemorated the 33rd anniversary of Fenkil Operation on 12 February with patriotic zeal under the theme “Fenkil-Resolute Commitment”.

The commemoration event that was organized in Nantes has been participated by a number of nationals from the French cities of Paris, Rennes, Ange, Marseilles and Nantes.

The event has been highlighted by cultural and artistic programs.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Bereket Paulos, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, and Mr. Berhane Kidane, chairman of the YPFDJ in France, said that the heroic feat demonstrated by Eritrea’s liberation fighters at the coordinated land and naval Fenkil Operation will be proudly commemorated by the Eritrean people for posterity.

They also said that the commemoration anniversary of the operation that signaled the total independence of Eritrea shoulders every citizen to live up to the expectations of martyrs and commitment to strengthen participation in national affairs.

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