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Workshop to revise National Seed Policy

Asmara, 20 February 2023- The Ministry of Agriculture on 16 February organized workshop with a view to revise the existing National Seed Policy.

The objective of the workshop that was organized by Regulatory and Inspection Service Department of the Ministry in cooperation with partners was to ensure applicable and affordable seed.

Indicating that the existing seed policy has been designed in 2002, Mr. Tekleab Misgina, Director General of the Department, said that the aim of the workshop is to synchronize the policy with the existing reality.

The participants of the workshop indicating on the strategic importance of having pronounced seed policy called for regular scrutinize the policy to ensure its practicality.

Pointing out that effective and workable seed policy is the basis for ensuring nutritious food, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, said that revising the existing seed policy is appropriate.

Indicating that developing seed policy supported by technology and harmonizing it with the objective situation has strategic and safety importance, Minister Arefaine called on concerned institutions and experts to play due part in the effort.

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