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Regular Meeting of National Confederation of Eritrean Workers

Asmara, 24 February 2023- The Central Committee of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers conducted its 4th regular meeting on 23 and 24 February in Asmara.

At the meeting in which members from the regional offices and central office took part, Mr. Kibreab Kidane, Deputy Secretary General and head of the Organization, presented the activity report of 2022 and programs for 2023.

In his report, Mr. Kibreab said that the national confederation has conducted commendable activities in developing the overall capacity of members through organizing vocational training programs, empowering female members, participation in the national development drives as well as in ensuring the safety of workers at their workplace.

Regarding foreign relations, Mr. Kibreab said that a strong effort has been carried out in preserving the already established relations and in creating relations with other similar organizations.

Mr. Kibreab also said that forming executive committees in the regions, organizing seminars and promotional activities, finalizing the information center, recruiting new members to the confederation, ensuring the safety and health of workers at the workplace, strengthening the vocational training centers as well as finalizing the building at the central office are among the programs for 2023.

Mr. Hagos Gebrehiwet, head of Economic Affairs of the PFDJ, gave extensive briefing on the economic policy of the Government of Eritrea as well as on the effort being exerted to ensure social justice.

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