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Assessment meeting of Eritrean Center of Institutional Excellence

Asmara, 25 February 2023- The Eritrean Center of Institutional Excellence organized activity assessment meeting of 2022 and plan of action for 2023 today, 25 February at the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers conference hall.

At the meeting in which partner representatives from various institutions took part, Dr. Abel Habtemariam, acting head of the center, presented report focusing on the major activities conducted in 2022 including training programs organized and research and consultancy services provided in terms of plan of action of 2023.

Dr. Abel Habtemariam

Dr. Abel said that in 2022 training programs on administration, human resources development, finance and projects administration as well leadership and administration have been organized to various Government institutions.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the  report presented and adopted various recommendations including for proper use of the administrative experiences of Diaspora nationals, reviewing the training of trainers that has been provide, as well as strengthen participation of women among others.

Dr. Abel further noted that organizing training programs for eight organizations, implementation of the improved leadership and administrative service in the Central Region, organizing regular forum for collective discussion and experience sharing, introducing disciplinary measures and ethics of Government employees and workers performance appraisal mechanism are among the plan of action for 2023.

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