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Vocational Training to students of College of Engineering and technology

Asmara, 02 March 2023 – The College of Engineering and Technology has graduated over 270 students in various vocational fields.

According to Mr. Filimon Melake, head of the youth organization at the college,  a three-month training program was organized to students of the college on various fields including satellite-dish installations, electrical, as well as video editing.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology in May-Nefhi, Dr. kahsai Neguse, indicating that the training program was foundational, called on the trainees to practically upgrade their skills.

Ms. Mensura Esmael, the head of NUEYS branches in Sawa and Higher Education Institutions on her part, called on the trainees to strengthen organizational capacity.

Finally, an exhibition that was organized by the trainees was presented to participants.

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