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Washington Post: Flouting Journalistic Ethics and Standards

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea vehemently rejects the false allegations made against Eritrea and its disciplined army by the Washington Post in its article, “Hundreds massacred in Ethiopia even as peace deal was being reached” (Feb 28, 2023), by Katharine Houreld, Meg Kelly and Stefanie Le.

The Post’s defamatory and libelous article is based on distant telephone interviews with, and testimonies of, “ostensible victims”. There is no validation or verification, of any kind, on the authenticity of these obviously planted stories.

That the TPLF and its affiliates have resorted, from the first day of the War of Insurrection that it unleashed in November 2020, to massive campaigns of disinformation and lies is on the record. This is best illustrated by the #TigryaGenocide hashtag that the TPLF and its Enablers initiated in a concerted manner on the very day that the TPLF launched its destructive war of choice.

The Washington Post article has voluntarily missed the main cause of the unnecessary and destructive conflict that the TPLF had ignited to cause massive deaths and destruction. It glosses over the TPLF’s pronounced objectives of expanding its military assaults to Eritrea and the latter’s indisputable right of self-defense.

Overall, the article not only lacks adequate research and balanced reporting, but by scapegoating Eritrea, it fails to hold the TPLF accountable.

This article, as many others over the past years, does not come as a surprise to Eritreans. News outlets have been producing articles that are disingenuously smudged with ulterior motives and that are aimed at demonizing the country. The objective of this article then is not to report factual events but rather aim to legitimize their preconceived disinformation and preemptive actions through loose “evidence” while promoting false narratives and agendas to vilify Eritrea.

The Washington Post has never been interested in finding the truth by conducting in-depth research about the real situation on the ground. In fact, there is a plethora of information that has been circulating publicly over the course of the conflict which points out to who the actual aggressor and culprit is. However, along with other similar media outlets, it has chosen not to acknowledge or highlight these facts.

This politically charged article tries to depict a highly disciplined and ethical army as one of medieval marauders who lack morality and humanity. Eritrea has an impeccable track record for its humane treatment not only of civilians but also its prisoners of war as well. Furthermore, causing any human suffering is not in the culture of the Eritrean society.

The Washington Post is certainly entitled to publish articles or opinions it wishes. But it is highly regrettable that it has chosen to become a politically-motivated voice that continually disseminates fabrications and makes unfounded allegations with no regards for facts.

The Embassy of Eritrea urges The Washington Post to commit itself, for its own credibility and in respect of its readers, to truthful reporting, and to maintain normative standards of journalistic ethics and professionalism instead of pandering to its political sponsors to spread blatant lies.

Embassy of the State of Eritrea

To the United States of America

03 Mar 2023

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