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Statement of the Eritrean Delegation at the UNHRC 52nd Session

Presented by Mr. Adem Osman; head of delegation to the 52nd Session.

Thank you, Mr. President,

Eritrea’s development strategy is anchored on the commitment to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights and social security of all its citizens through an inclusive and participatory process of social justice. This conviction and policy commitment continues to be pursued with higher vigor in spite of unremitting external hostilities essentially aimed at undermining the inalienable rights of Eritrea for peaceful coexistence with its neighbors in the geostrategic Horn of Africa region.

The unrelenting harassment of Eritrea for more than ten years now through the unwarranted appointment of Special Rapporteurs stems from, and is inextricably linked with, the hostile agenda of its detractors as indicated above.

In this respect, it should not surprise us that this charade continues to linger in a vicious cycle from Special Rapporteur to a Commission of Inquiry, from an oral update, to a written report, and, then from a simple interactive dialogue to an enhanced one.

The sad fact is, these “mandates” have never been mechanisms to rectify anomalies or alleged “human rights deficits” exhibited by Eritrea.  Their original purpose and rationale always have been to create platforms to advance their ulterior political motives and agendas.

This is indeed nothing less than weaponization of human rights in its crudest form against a developing country.

As a matter of fact, the principal focus of the Special Rapporteur in the last two years since the TPLF launched its war of choice of insurrection in November 2020, has veered from its stipulated mandate to mendaciously accuse Eritrea to serve greater agendas.

As may be recalled, the Special Rapporteur in his report of last year falsely accused Eritrea of deploying in the war in northern Ethiopia the 5,000 Somalis that were receiving military training in Eritrea as a result of bilateral agreement between Governments of Eritrea and Somalia.

In the event, Eritrea has duly demanded the rescinding of the entire report and the prompt dismissal of the Special Rapporteur for unacceptable political bias and dereliction of duty.

Mr. president,

Eritrea’s inviolable rights for independent political choices and economic development should not be misconstrued and utilized as tools of harassment by certain external powers.

Unwarranted hostilities have, and continue to exact, heavy sacrifices on the country to hamper its progress. In spite of these road bumps however, Eritrea continues to make substantial improvements in fundamental rights and the quality of life of its citizens through greater and equitable access to health, education, food security, etc.

Eritrea has also implemented purposeful, rigorous and extensive programs of soil and water conservation for over two decades now to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change in an ecologically fragile region.

In conclusion, let me stress that Eritrea will persist in its development agenda in spite of the relentless and unwarranted harassment by certain powers.

Thank you.

06 March 2023


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