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Dolce Vita: Promoting Cultural heritage through Textile

By : - Mussie Efriem

ZaEr Company (Dolce Vita), which is known for its fashionable clothing products, produces high-quality outfits for all ages, and most of its products are shirts made of cotton. Although the majority of its customers are based in Italy, it also exports to other countries in Europe, China and India through a big network of retailing. Through this, ZaEr is introducing Eritrea to people in other parts of the world.

ZaEr plans to produce at least one million pieces of clothing this year, which is big compared to the 200,000 pieces it has been producing in the past four years. This will be made possible through the application of technology and drastic increase in its work force. Although ZaEr’s main product is shirts, it also produces linen and garments such as uniforms, pajamas and underwear.

Through the collaboration of the government, ZaEr has grown by 200% over the last three years, and it now has over 700 employees. In an effort to create a safe and friendly working environment, the company provides healthcare services to its employees free of charge.

As of the end of 2022, ZaEr has implemented a new production model in line with international standards for better efficiency and better quality, and it expects to have great results in the upcoming months.

Solar Energy Powers Zaer

On February 22, 2022, ZaEr unveiled a 325 kW solar system it installed in cooperation with an Indian business. The solar system accounts for one-third of the company’s electricity. Mr. Pietro Zambaiti, owner and CEO of the company, said they are now planning to spend more on additional panels and batteries to be able to completely replace the existing source of power and increase their productivity by the second half of this year.

Mr. Pietro Zambaiti

As you enter the factory’s grounds, you see a daycare center and kindergarten where employees’ children are looked after by qualified social workers. In a factory of about 720 staff members where eighty percent are women, it’s ideal to have such a facility. Since the project’s inception, the Zambaiti family has always hoped to establish a daycare center and kindergarten in order to provide valuable service to the working moms. The facility is currently serving nearly 150 children, and there is a plan to enlarge it and build a playground for the kids.

As a forward-looking company, ZaEr has created an atmosphere where employees can grow, continue to learn to develop their skills and become multitask operators. It has a resident instructor and supervisor who gives induction to newly hired employees and training to other employees to familiarize them with new technology and universal standard management system.

Mr. Marco Mancini Ambassador of Italy to Eritrea

Since last year, ZaEr has been collaborating with the Eritrean National Association of the Deaf (ERINAD), and at the moment it has 24 employees with hearing impairment. Through this it has proved that it is a socially responsible organization and has done its fair share of the national “Don’t Leave Anyone Behind” policy of inclusiveness.

ZaEr believes that profit generated from the core business should be shared with the community and believes in having a creative environment. For this reason, it has offered a space for the establishment of Barattolo Lab Art Community Center, a platform for a community of artists who would like to promote their works of art by using ZaEr’s textile products as their media. ZaEr is also collaborating with the artists to make the Tagliero Asmara Brand an authentic brand of premium quality that is “Made in Eritrea” with a view to promoting Eritrean cultural heritage by exporting its products to regional and global markets. Some artists create amazing artworks by using waste materials of the textiles, thereby helping recycle waste and protect the environment.

Kids at the Zaer kinder garten

ZaEr is anticipating an opportunity to create worldwide business with friendly conditions to attract other investors. It is part of a big plan to create a ground for cooperation among countries in the East Africa region as well as the Eritrean diaspora.

Zaer Clinic

Mr. Zambaiti said, “What I am doing is my life’s mission because what I am trying to do day after day is overcome any challenges I have and have great results in Eritrea. I feel like Eritrea is my home, and I really love to have my business in Eritrea.”

Mr. Marco Manchini, Italy’s ambassador to Eritrea, has emphasized the importance of ZaEr Company in Eritrea. He has expressed his appreciation for the Zambaiti family’s efforts and vision to create a big business network in the East African region and his hope that this will serve as an input in creating economic ties and solidarity among the nations in East Africa and Italy. He has also applauded the company for its initiative to use solar power, which contributes towards the efforts being made to create a safe and healthy environment.

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