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International Women’s Day celebrations in Diaspora

Asmara, 15 March 2023- Nationals in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands enthusiastically celebrated the International Women’s Day under the theme “Eritrean Women-Unwavering and Undertaking Sweats to Cultivate”.

At the celebratory events organized in the German cities of Dusseldorf, Mainz, Stuttgart, Kassel, Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt, Reutlingen, Darmstadt, Bielefeld and Nuremberg the nationals expressing pride for the International Women’s Day is being celebrated during the exceptional period in the Eritrean history, articulated commitment to live up to expectations.

The events were attended by Mr. Yohannes Woldu, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, Mr. Kibreab Tekeste, Eritrea’s Consul General in Frankfurt, Mr. Kahsai Tewolde, head of Public and Community Affairs as well as a number of nationals and was highlighted by briefings focusing on the history of women’s struggle for gender equality as well as cultural and artistic programs.

Likewise, the International Women’s Day was colorfully celebrated in the Italian cities of Bari, Milano, Palermo, Parma, Pisa and Roma with patriotic zeal.

At the occasions, Ms. Negisti Tsegai, head of the National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Italy, called for transferring the shining history of the Eritrean women to the young generation and for consolidating it with development.

Mr. Fesehatsion Petros, Eritrea’s Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Teklesenbet Imam,  Eritrea’s Consul in Milano, Mr. Yohannes Debas, and Mr. Ghirmay Habtemicael, head of Public and Community Affairs as well as friends of Eritrea delivered messages of solidarity.

The International Women’s Day was also celebrated in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Zwolle, the Netherlands.

At the vents, Ms. Elsa Seyum, head of the union branch in the Netherlands, called for strengthening organizational capacity and participation in the national affairs.

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