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Virtual seminar focusing on Diaspora nationals

Asmara, 18 March 2023- The Ministry of Justice organized a virtual seminar on 17 March focusing on Diaspora nationals in connection with the National Week Day.

The seminar was opened by Ms. Fauzia Hashim, Minister of justice, and in which over 500 nationals from various countries took part; briefings were provided focusing on Law and Development as well as Human Rights in terms of Cultural values of the Eritrean people.

At the virtual seminar, Mr. Natnael Fitsum and Mr. Siem Eyasu, legal experts, provided detailed briefings on the relationship between law and development and the significance of law as well as on the significant Eritrean values in terms of law and development including self-reliance, social justice, and independent choice.

The participants of the seminar commending the briefings provided forwarded comments and questions related to the briefings that were provided.

Minister Fauzia also commended the interest the participants demonstrated at the seminar.

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