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Official closing ceremony of National LAW Week

Asmara, 19 March 2023 The National Law Week that has taken place from 13 to 18 March under the theme “Law for Human Dignity and Development” was officially closed at a ceremony conducted at the premises of the Ministry of Justice.

At the event in which Ministers, senior Government, and PFDJ officials as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps took part, members of the organizing committee of the Law Week indicating that in Eritrea law is principle and law is culture, said that the objective of the National Law Week was to revise the law and make it compatible with the Eritrean society through continues meetings with the people and gathering feedbacks.

The members of the committee also said that the National Law Week was successful in terms of coverage, participation, significance as well as timeliness.

The National Law Week included free legal advice to the public, general knowledge competitions, programs by the national media outlets, environmental sanitation activities as well as virtual programs focusing on Diaspora nationals and presentation of research papers.

Speaking at the occasion, Ms. Fauzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, said that the objective of the National Law Week was to raise the understanding of the public on law and gather additional ideas and feedback from the public in order to modernize the national laws in a way it is compatible with the culture and values of the Eritrean people.

The Bazaar organized at Liberty Avenue in Asmara in connection with the second National Law Week has received wide acclamation by visitors.

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