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Entertainment program to members of Defense Forces

Mendefera, 21 March 2023- Entertainment program has been organized for members of the Eritrean Defense Forces that are engaged in safeguarding the national sovereignty and in the national development programs in the Southern Region as well as army members of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

At the program organized in Senafe subzone by the Central Command, senior Army Commanders as well as public representatives, members of the cooperative association of former members of the Information Department and veteran freedom fighters attended.

Speaking at the event, Brig. Gen. Tekle Kiflai, Commander of the Central Command, said that the objective of the program was to pay gratitude to the coordinated struggle carried out by the Eritrean and Ethiopian Defense Forces to safeguard peace and security of the peoples of the two countries as well to strengthen their relations.

Calling for proper documentation of the coordinated struggle and heroism demonstrated in the past two years to foil the conspiracy to disrupt the peace and stability of the neighborly countries, Brig. Gen Teklai commended for the encouragement programs being organized by the people and administrations in the Southern Region.

Brig. Gen. Kassa Demnile, Commander of the Ethiopian Forces that participated at the program, commending for the hospitality and support provided by the Eritrean people and Eritrean Defense Forces, expressed expectation that the two peoples ensuring their security and stability will conduct integrated efforts for the development of their countries in all sectors

The program was highlighted by artistic programs by veteran artists as well as the cultural troupe of the Central Command.

Similar entertainment programs for members of the Eritrean Defense Forces were organized in several sub-zones in the Southern Region.

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