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Solar system installation protocol agreement

Asmara, 23 March 2023 – The Ministry of Finance and National Development signed a protocol agreement today, 23 March, with the African Development Bank to implement the Dekemhare 30 MW Solar Photo Voltaic project worth about 50 million Dollars.

At the signing ceremony carried out at the Ministry of Finance and National Development office, Dr. Giorgis Teklemicael, Minister of Finance and National Development, and Dr. Abdul Kamara, Deputy Director of the African Development Bank signed the protocol agreement.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Giorgis said that the energy project is an important step towards realizing Eritrea’s plan to increase access to electricity and enhance socio-economic development of all Eritreans.

Dr. Giorgis further noted that the Government of Eritrea is working to install step-by-step power plants generating 360 MW and that the protocol agreement aligned with the other ongoing projects will have significant input in the future rapid, inclusive, sustainable development, marked by a firm embrace of green economy.

Indicting the significance of the protocol agreement in the development of relations between the Government of Eritrea and the African Development Bank, Dr. Abdul Kamara expressed commitment to continue cooperation in the important projects that the Government of Eritrea is initiating.

The Dekemhare Solar Photo Voltaic will be directly interlinked with that of Hirgigo Electricity Power Plant and aligned with the other initiatives will have a significant contribution in alleviating energy challenges in the country.

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