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Encouragement programs to members of Defense Forces

Barentu, 24 March 2023 – Residents in various parts of the Gash Barka Region have organized entertainment programs to members of the Eritrean Defense Forces that are being engaged in safeguarding the national sovereignty and in the national development drives.

According to report, the objective of the entertainment programs that have been organized in the sub-zones of Shambuko, Barentu, Akordet, Haikota, Gogni, Laela Gash, Logo-Anseba and Golij was to pay gratitude to the gallant members of the Eritrean Defense Forces that are pride to the country and people.

Commending for the initiative the residents took to entertain the members of the Defense Forces, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui, Governor of the Gash Braka Region, said that the programs attest to the strong cohesion of the people and the Eritrean Defense Forces.

Commending for the honor and respect the residents demonstrated, the Commanders of the Army Units, expressed readiness to live up to expectations.

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