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Tour of inspection to infrastructure programs

Massawa, 28 March 2023- Ms. Asmeret Abraha, Governor of the Northern Red Sea Region conducted tour of inspection from 18 to 24 March to infrastructure development programs in the sub-zones of Karora, Nakfa and Afabet.

Ms. Asmeret visited the progress of the vast agricultural activities in Mel’et, Karora sub-zone, activities being carried out by the public and members of the Defense Forces in Karora to control erosiont, health unit constructed by the residents in Zero as well as the progress of teaching-learning process in the sub-zone and held discussion with the concerned bodies.

In Nakfa sub-zone, Ms. Asmeret toured the construction of the dirt road connecting Agrae with Leal and Agrae with Tehat, potable water project in Agrae, agricultural activities in Abarar as well as Nakfa hospital and nursery center.

Similarly, Ms. Asmeret visited the ongoing construction of the dams in Mihdaf and Gebgeb, Afabet sub-zone, potable water project in Afabet as well as the water diversion scheme in Marsa Gulbub, installation of water pipeline from Aidab to Gilbub as well as the renovation of the road connecting Gulbub with Massawa.

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