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Seminar to women nationals in Uganda and Austria

Asmara, 30 March 2023 – Seminars have been organized for Eritrean women in Uganda and Austria focusing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as the role and participation of Eritrean women in the Diaspora in national affairs.

At the seminar organized in Kampala, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, Eritrean Ambassador to Uganda, gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as the situation of Eritrean nationals in Uganda.

Mr. Mohammed also said that as a result of the strong resilience and perseverance of its people and leadership as well as its gallant Defense Forces Eritrea is in a promising situation and called for strengthening organizational capacity and participation in national affairs.

Commending for the briefing provided, the participants called for its sustainability. They also elected an executive committee and adopted programs of action.

In the same vein, at the seminar the Austrian branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women organized on 26 March in Vienna, the participants elected an executive committee and adopted a plan of action for two years.

The union branch in Austria has been established in 2004 and since then it has been actively engaged in national affairs.

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