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Dinner reception hosted in honor of Eritrean Delegation

Asmara, 05 April 2023- The Ministry of Defense of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia hosted a dinner at the Headquarters of the Ministry in honor of the Eritrean senior military delegation which is visiting the country.

The celebratory event was graced by the presence of Dr. Abraham Belai, Minister of Defense of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Speaking on the occasion, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, stated, among other things: “the support extended to us by the Eritrean people and its army when we were assaulted from behind can never be compensated by all standards and will remain in the annals of history”.

Field Marshal Berhanu further stressed “the bondage fostered between the two countries cannot be broken by any force”.

The Field Marshal also expressed his firm belief that the two sided will work with grater vigour to deepen their friendly ties.

Brigadier General Abraha Kassa, Head of Eritrea’s National Security Agency, on his part, stated that Eritrea had “no option but to play its part to thwart the prevailing threat and to contribute to the enforcement of legality when TPLF clique unleashed unprovoked, sudden, and treasonous military assaults on Ethiopia’s Armed Forces”.

“Joint defensive measures & counter-attacks ultimately foiled three offensives the TPLF clique unleashed in two years”, Brig. Gen. Abraha added.

Noting the intricate dynamics of Pretoria Agreement, Brig. Gen. Abraha expressed the aspirations of the Government and people of Eritrea for durable peace if the Agreement is implemented in its entirety.

In the morning hours, the Eritrean delegation visited the Addis Ababa Municipality and the national television station that is under construction.

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