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Activities in connection with May Day

Asmara, 25 April 2023- The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers carried out various activities in connection with International Workers Day 2023 under the theme “Clear Vision-Concerted Work!”

The activities that started on 5 April include construction of terraces and preparation of holes for planting tree seedlings at Dembe Zawl, blood donation, seminar related with labor and productivity, workshop, as well as general knowledge and literature competitions.

Accordingly, Mr. Woldeyesus Elisa, Director General of Labor at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, conducted seminar on 18 April focusing on ‘Future Work-Opportunities and Challenges’.

Mr. Wodeyesus indicated that technological development, green economy and demographic change are the basic parameters for the future employment opportunities.

Mr. Woldeyesus further said that long hours of work, short term contracts, low payments, and shortage of policies and security of profession and health, as well as unofficial employment are among the challenges that could be encountered in the future.

Mr. Woldeyesus said that the Eritrean Government based on the National Charter, Macro-Policy and Labor Law has issued laws and guidelines with a view to ensure all citizens have efficacious work.


Workshop on “Culture of Production and Productivity” was organized on 20 April.

Furthermore, 456 employees from 19 institutions conducted construction of terraces and preparation of holes for planting tree seedlings while 110 employees from 16 institutions voluntarily donated 100 units of blood.

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