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Independence Cup in Southern Red Sea Region

Assab, 05 May 2023- In continuation of its journey in the Southern Red Sea Region, the Independence Cup toured the sub-zones of South and Central Dankalia and Araeta.

Upon reaching the Beilul front, the Independence Cup was accorded warm welcome by the residents featuring cultural and artistic performances.

Beilul front was one of the fronts in which a heavy fighting was conducted in 1991 between the EPLF fighters and the Derg regime during the offensive to liberate the port city of Assab.

Upon arrival at the Central Denkalia, The Independence Cup was also awarded warm welcome by the residents, students and members of the Defense Forces featuring military parade and cultural performances.

After completing its journey in the Southern Red Sea Region on 7 May, the Independence Cup will be handed over to the Southern Region in a ceremony that will be organized in Kohaito.

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