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Tour of Independence Cup in Gash Barka Region

Barentu, 12 May 2023– The Independence Cup that started its journey from Nakfa on 24 April as part of its itinerary across the country in connection with the 32nd anniversary of Independence Day commenced its journey concluding its tour to the Northern and Southern Red Sea and Southern Regions.

The Independence Cup accompanied by Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the Southern Region, officials in the region as well as Army Commanders and others was handed over to Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui, Governor of Gash Barka Region, at a ceremony organized in Molqui semi-urban center.

Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui on his part handed over the Independence Cup to Mr. Zerai Berhe, administrator of Molqui sub-zone.

Upon reaching the Molqui semi-urban center, the Independence Cup was accorded a warm welcome by the residents of the semi-urban center and a number of people from Gash Barka Region featuring cultural and artistic performances as well as a military parade.

During its stay in Gash Barka Region, the Independence Cup is expected to cover 1 thousand 700 km.

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