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Eritrean Pharmaceutical Association conducts 18th scientific conference

Asmara, 13 May 2023 – The Eritrean Pharmaceutical Association conducted its 18th scientific conference yesterday, 12 May here in the capital Asmara.

Heads of the branches of the Ministry of Health, representatives of various professional associations, as well as invited guests took part at the Conference held here in the capital.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Eyasu Bahta, President of the Association, stated that the association in collaboration with member pharmacists is registering commendable achievements by creating a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences, organizing research, in raising the knowledge of the public on health issues, ensuring the safety of patients and effective application of medicines. Albeit the contribution of the pharmacists at hospital level is lower than the expectation of the association, that effort is being conducted to solve the issue that a job description document has been drafted and is ready to be handed over to the Ministry of Health, Mr. Eyasu stated.

Various research papers on the effective application of medicines, proper use of drugs, and cautions to be undertaken by the society on the use of medicines, as well as disposal and elimination of sub-standard medicines among others.

Participants conducted extensive discussions on the reports and research papers presented and forwarded various recommendations.

The Eritrean Pharmaceutical Association was established in August 1992.

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