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Festival of College of Engineering and Technology

Asmara, 18 May 2023 – The 10th festival of Higher Education Institutions that has been  underway in all collages continued on 17 May at the Mai-Nefhi College of Engineering and Technology under the theme “Knowledge Our Weapon-Development Our Objective”.

Dr. Kahsai Neguse

At the event in which Ministers and other Government and PFDJ officials took part, Ms. Mensura Ismail, head of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students branch of Sawa and Higher Education Institutions, said that the 10th festival of Higher Education Institutions makes it special and shoulders heavy responsibility for it is being conducted during the special event of the 32nd Independence Day anniversary celebrations.

Ms. Mensura went on to say that the festival will have a significant contribution in creating a forum in which the students exchange experiences among each other, consolidate their unity, and understand the noble societal culture. She called for increased participation of all stakeholders for its sustainability.

Dr. Kahsai Neguse, Dean of the College, on his part, said that the festival, which incorporates academic competitions, cultural and sports activities, as well as exhibition among others, beyond gathering and competitions will have a significant contribution in consolidating and strengthening the students’ national identity and the noble societal culture.

Dr. Haile Mehtsun, Executive Director of Higher Education Institutions and Research, unveiled the exhibition that has been staged by the students.

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