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Independence Day celebration in Southern Red Sea Region

Assab, 23 May 2023- The 32nd Independence Day anniversary was enthusiastically celebrated at regional level in the port city of Assab today, 23 May, under the theme “Heroic Feat Anchored on Cohesive Ranks”.

The event in which Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai, Governor of the region, Col. Tsehaye Woldu, Chief of Staff of the Eastern Command, Sultan Abdulkadir Dawud of Rehaita and other invited guests took part featured military marching, traditional dances as well as cultural and artistic performances.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Mohammed-Seid indicating that Independence has a deep meaning and requires heavy price, said that the Eritrean people have paid heavy price to realize their Independence.

Ms. Hawa Mohammed, on behalf of the Holidays Coordinating Committee, commended those that contributed for colorful event.

An exhibition staged by various Government institutions and individuals was officially opened by Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai.

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