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Cardiac surgery on children underway in Orotta Referral Hospital

Asmara, 08 June 2023 – Eritrean and Italian medical doctors are carrying out cardiac surgeries on children born with heart problems in Orotta National Referral Hospital.

According to Prof. Tsegereda Gebrehiwet, Medical Director of Orotta Pediatric Hospital, the children undergoing cardiac surgeries are either born with heart problems or heart diseases developed as a result of tonsils or other throat ailments. She also added that successful cardiac surgeries have been carried out on over 1 thousand 600 children over the last 21 years.

Indicating that regular heart surgeries have been suspended for the last 4 years due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prof. Tsegereda stated that the children have been singled out for surgery and that has helped for its success.

Pointing out that the Italian medical personnel has been conducting surgeries on children since 2002, the undertaking of the heart surgery is aimed at relieving children suffering from heart disease, in addition to sharing experience, Prof. Tsegereda noted.

The Managing Director of Orotta National Medical Referral Hospital, Mr. Tewelde Yohannes on his part stating that the Italian Doctors have carried out successful surgeries on 9 children since 2 June.

Members of the Italian medical team Eritrean Mr. Alem Demoz, and Italian Mr. Silvio Leoni on their part stated that though the task being performed is difficult, thanks to the cooperation and diligence of the Eritrean doctors and directors it is quite fruitful.

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