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Commendable voluntary blood donation activity

Asmara, 09 June 2023 – The National Blood Transfusion Services in collaboration with partners particularly the National Voluntary Blood Donation Association is conducting an effective undertaking in collecting and supplying safe blood to hospitals. The statement was made by Dr. Yohannes Tekeste, Medical Director of National Blood Transfusion Services.

In an interview conducted with Erina in connection with the International Blood Donation Day to be observed on 14 June, Dr. Yohannes said that the National Blood Transfusion Services is equipped with hi-tech equipment and is working to collect and supply safe blood to hospitals across the country.

Indicating that voluntary blood donation activities are augmenting as a result of the increased awareness of society, Dr. Yohannes stated that the registration of the full data regarding the information of voluntary blood donors is helping in the facilitation of the activities of the center.

He further noted that effort is being conducted to equip the National Blood Transfusion Services with modern installations with a view to developing and advancing the activities of the center.

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