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Monetary contribution towards Martyrs Trust Fund

Asmara, 23 June 2023- At the occasions organized in connection with Eritrea’s Martyrs Day, nationals in Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Finland, and the US contributed over 38 thousand Euros and 5 thousand Dollars towards augmenting the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

According to the report, at commemoration events conducted in 17 Italian cities, the nationals expressed their conviction to live up to the expectations of the martyrs trust and contributed 30 thousand Euros towards the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

Nationals in the Belgian cities of Brussels, Antwerp, and Kortrijk, as well as in Luxembourg, enthusiastically commemorated Martyrs Day.

At the commemoration events organized in Belgium and Luxembourg, the nationals contributed 2 thousand 750 and 1 thousand 500 Euros respectively towards the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

Similarly, nationals in Finland commemorated Martyrs Day with a candlelight vigil and contributed about 3 thousand 780 Euros towards augmenting the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

In the same vein, at a commemoration event organized in connection with Martyrs Day, nationals in Columbus, the US, contributed five thousand Dollars towards the Martyrs Trust Fund.

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