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Financial support to families of martyrs

Asmara, 24 June 2023 – Nationals inside the country contributed 658 thousand 500 Nakfa in support of the families of martyrs.

Accordingly, in Dekemhare sub-zone, Government employees contributed 70 thousand 380 Nakfa, members of the Office of Culture and Sports 12 thousand 500 Nakfa, residents of Metslu administrative area 39 thousand 750, residents of Amhur administrative area 37 thousand Nakfa, residents of the city center 29 thousand 700 Nakfa, residents of Hdamu administrative area 26 thousand 300 Nakfa, and 12 quintals of cereals; residents of Mai-Worki administrative area 15 thousand 500 Nakfa; residents of Afelba administrative area 5 thousand 630 Nakfa; residents of Gadien administrative area 5 thousand 500 Nakfa; and residents of Damba 4 thousand 240 Nakfa.

Likewise, the residents of Mai-Idaga semi-urban center and Afelba administrative area cultivated the lands of 27 families of martyrs.

In the same vein, Government employees in Segeneity and Adi-Quala sub-zones contributed 101 thousand Nkafa and 90 thousand Nakfa, respectively.

Moreover, Government employees and staff members of the PFDJ in Dubarwa sub-zone contributed 78 thousand Nakfa; employees of Kokeb plastic factory contributed 10 thousand Nakfa, athlete Nahom Ermias contributed 3 thousand Nakfa; and residents of Tserona sub-zone contributed 24 thousand Nakfa.

Government employees in Nakfa sub-zone also contributed 66 thousand Nakfa, and 40 thousand Nakfa were disbursed to families of martyrs in Godaif sub-zone.

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