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Monetary support to families of martyrs

Asmara, 26 June 2023- Residents of several sub-zones extended monetary and material support to the families of martyrs.

Accordingly, residents of eight administrative areas in Habero sub-zone, Anseba region, extended 136 thousand Nakfa , 62 quintals of crops, and 5 quintals of sugar in support of families of martyrs, and they cultivated the lands of over 273 families of martyrs in their areas.

Residents of five administrative areas in Keren city also contributed about 134 thousand Nakfa in support of the families of martyrs.

In the same vein, 60 thousand Nakfa contributed by the residents of Tsetserat sub-zone, Central Region, were distributed to 30 families of martyrs, while 56 thousand Nakfa contributed by Government employees in Senafe sub-zone were distributed to disadvantaged families of martyrs.

Likewise, 36 thousand Nakfa contributed by the government workers organization in Gelalo sub-zone, were distributed to 6 families of martyrs.

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