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Vocational training to 196 workers

Massawa, 06 July 2023 – Massawa Vocational Training Center organized six months of vocational training for 196 workers from 60 institutions in computer technology, installation of computer networking, cooling systems, and wood and metal work.

Noting that the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers is initiating training programs to develop the capacity of workers in congruence with the national human resources development, Eng. Arefaine Beyin, director of the training center, said that effort is being exerted to expand the program in all regions of the country in partnership with concerned institutions.

Mr. Kibrom Andemicael, managing director in the Northern Red Sea Region, called for regularly reviewing the training being provided with a view to improving it.

The trainees, on their part, commended the training opportunity provided and said that the knowledge they gained from the training will have a significant contribution to their daily activities.

The closing event of the training that was organized on 4 July was attended by Maj. Gen. Teklai Habteselasie, Commander of the Eritrean Air Force, Mr. Kibreab Kidan, Deputy Secretary General of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers, and Mr. Ibrahim Ali Sheik, Chairman of the Northern Red Sea Regional Assembly.

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