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Monetary contribution towards boosting National Trust Fund

Asmara, 07 July 2023 – National in New Zealand and Australia contributed 19 thousand 433 New Zealand Dollars and 14 thousand 235 Australian dollars, respectively, towards augmenting the National Trust Fund.

According to the Eritrean Embassy, the nationals also extended monetary support to seven families of martyrs and assumed the responsibility of supporting 58 families of martyrs.

Accordingly, nationals in the New Zealand cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch contributed 10 thousand 500 Dollars in support of seven families of martyrs and pledged to assume responsibility for supporting 22 families of martyrs.

Similarly, nationals in Wellington contributed 8 thousand 933 Dollars.

Nationals in the Australian city of Perth also contributed 3 thousand 855 Dollars and assumed the responsibility of supporting 36 families of martyrs, while nationals in Adelaide contributed 10 thousand 380 Dollars.

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