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Graduation of 35th round of National Service

Sawa, 15 July 2023- Graduation ceremony was held at Sawa in the morning hours of today for students of the 35th round of the National Service.

The ceremony was conducted in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, Ministers, senior Government and PFDJ officials, Military Commanders, and other Government officials featuring colorful military parade as well as cultural and artistic performances.

Col. Debesai Ghide, Commander of the National Service Training Center, said that 49.8% of the members of the 35th round of the national service were females, and they have successfully completed the standard academic education and political and military training.

President Isaias Afwerki, congratulating the graduates and parents and thanking the teachers and staff of the training center, said that the graduation of the 35th round makes it special because it is being carried out at a time in which we have foiled hostilities and open aggressions against the country and are marching for enhanced development and resilience within the rapidly changing neighborhood and the world.

President Isaias also said that we are at an important stage in the national service program in terms of developing the resources in accordance with the improved programs introduced during the 34th round of the national service.

Awards have been handed out to winners of various competitions and outstanding students.

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